In the self-organized, voluntary and public initiative of the students of PTE MK and the members of the L!FT professional college, we are planning a mayday party on May 1, 2023 in the area of the increasingly beautiful Balokány Park in Pécs.

The event is organized in the spirit of rethinking traditional May Day events. Concerts, workshops, exhibitions, performances, fairs, food, drink, dance&party.

Our target audience is everyone who wants to party, we want to satisfy the most varied needs possible with the programs created at the event, for young and old, for those hungry for culture or sausage and those who want to have fun.

During this call we are waiting for the applications of possible contributors and partners: buyers, exhibitors, leaders of workshops, showmen, sight fishermen, performance artists, volunteers and other people who can contribute to enhance the diversity in the planned program - it's Your turn, coming from any corner of the world!

The organizers reserve the right to accept applications, in questionable cases they will search the contact details provided before making a decision.

The event is scheduled to take place all day on May 1st, with the rain day being Saturday, May 6th.

We are waiting for applications through this Google form until April 23, 2023 - but you should apply sooner so that we can respond as soon as possible!