The Balokány May Day 2023 is an event organized by many individuals and organizations, based on voluntary work, aimed at the entire city, and is open to everyone for free. However, there are things that we cannot create with work, so your donation and offering are also necessary to make the event possible.

You can help the event in several ways. For example, by coming and having fun! Then, of course, you can support the implementation of the program either directly or indirectly, already during the preparatory work:
  • with volunteer work, as an on-site helper ⟿ in this case, apply for the call!
  • with monetary donations, sponsorship due to expenses related to the organization (providing infrastructure, material costs, honorariums for performers; we will send our budget on request) ⟿ in this case, contact us at our email address!
  • with gift donations, which we can draw in the raffle or offer to the performers ⟿ in this case, too, contact us at ouremail address!
In each case, we can offer that our communication channels will mention You among our supporters and helpers.

Thank you on behalf of the residents of the city!